Renewable Energy Advisor

Euro-Latin Capital is particularly active in the renewable energy industry, as financial advisor, investor, investment manager and contributor to non-profit organizations and policy-making. Our team has developed a globally recognized expertise, especially in the biodiesel space after building businesses in the US and Argentina and advising on multiple projects around the world.

Our dedicated Renewable energy advisory team includes senior bankers and specialist advisors in Buenos Aires, London and Houston, and offers corporate and strategic advice to investors, corporations and governments in the clean energy space. Our services include:

  • Private equity and project management
  • Strategic, corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions advice
  • Capital raising
  • Consulting and representation

Clean energy commitments

We are co-founders and significant shareholders of Patagonia Bioenergia, one of the largest biodiesel plants in the world at port site in Argentina, primarily intended for exports with current production capacity over 500’000 tons p.a. PBE has raised over $100m in equity and debt and includes Riverstone Holdings and Credit Suisse in addition to Euro-Latin Capital founders and local shareholders.

We funded and acted as investment manager of Alterra Bioenergy in Georgia, USA, a biodiesel and bio-additives producer and distributor.

Via Sustainable Bio-Brazil, Euro Latin Capital advocates an integrated strategy for open trade and production of sustainable food and biofuels and a plan for preservation of the Amazon using carbon trading. Euro Latin Capital promotes sustainable biofuels and policy-making on conferences and roundtables around the world to pursue and promote the lowest carbon alternatives to fossil fuels that complement rather than compete with the food chain.

Wind Energy
Euro-Latin Capital is active within wind energy. Within Project Financing, we have partnered up with Optimo Finance AS in order to strengthen execution capabilities and client relationships. Through this partnership, Euro-Latin achieves unique access to overseas capital and knowledge.

Optimo Finance ( – Norwegian finance consulting firm with a strong experience on multilateral project & structured financing in Latin America.

The Blue Ribbon Panel
Euro-Latin Capital’s founder is also represented on The Blue Ribbon Panel which presented a Fast Action Plan for abatement of short-lived climate pollutants at the Climate Conference in Copenhagen in December, 2009. The Blue Ribbon Panel have founded The Global Methane Fund (, to catalyze methane abatement projects around the world.

Christian Langaard was also Keynote Speaker at United Nations’ 2007 Forum on Sustainable Development with the highest-ranking US and Brazilian officials to procure cooperation between both countries in the interest of reducing global carbon emissions and energy dependence.


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