About Us

Euro-Latin Capital is an M&A Advisory, Private Equity and Investment firm with a strong position in Latin America . We assist and advise clients that seek to enter, grow or exit their businesses in the region through Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures, Joint Venture/Farm-Ins and Farm-Outs, etc. We also assist our local and regional clients in seeking international partners, capital and project financing.

Our team is composed of both European and Latin American professionals with a wide range of relevant experience and background from senior positions in investment banks, corporate sector and energy companies. Euro-Latin Capital is active in a wide variety of sectors, although the senior team members have a unique experience, track record in and focus on the energy sector;

Euro-Latin Capital has developed globally recognized expertise in the clean energy sector as advisor, investment manager and investor. In particular, Euro-Latin Capital has founded, owned, developed and managed biodiesel companies in Argentina and the US, and are represented in various NGOs, industry groups and environmental funds advocating sustainable development and carbon abatement initiatives. Euro-Latin Capital also represents and advises private equity funds and family offices in identifying investment targets, tailoring and executing investment strategies for investors seeking local representation to source and monitor investments.


Our partners provide capital, overseas product knowledge, execution capabilities and client relationships. Through our partnership with investment funds and specialist consulting firms, Euro-Latin achieves unique access to overseas capital and knowledge.

Optimo Finance (www.optimofinance.no)
International finance consulting firm focused on multilateral project & structured financing in Latin America.